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Our vineyards

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The expanse of Vršac vineyards represents a vast horizon of Banat plain.

Speaking about this area which proved itself through history to be favourable for viticulture, we stumble upon a colourful topographic image.

Our goal is to cherish and improve what we have. Each year we actively invest into vineyards, we implement the reconstruction of the sparse and clearing of unprofitable lots. A special attention is paid to growing of new vineyards.

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Southeastern end of the Pannonian plain


The vineyards occupy southeastern end of the Pannonian plain, the foot, and hillsides of Vršac mountains which lean naturally on the Carpathians. It is near the waterways and Deliblato sands, also known as European Sahara.

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Heterogenous soil


What we based the character of our wines on is the natural conditions and their benefaction. The soil itself, its diversity and specific microclimate are exactly the essence which provides a specific note to each glass of Vršac wine. Benevolent heterogeneity starts with the sandy ground with quartz shales up to the one with a higher percentage of clay. The grape sorts are carefully selected according to the soil features.

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650 hectares covered by vineyards


There are 530 hectares covered by vineyards at the moment and more than half of that is in our ownership whereas the rest is under a long-term lease. Apart from being located in Vršac cadastral municipality, the vineyards spread in the nearby cadastral municipalities as well: Markovac, Gudurica, Veliko Središte and Malo Središte.

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15 grape types


The opulence and action are reflected through the very range of the vineyards which consists of 15 grape sorts at the moment. Most represented are the white grape sorts: Italian Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Rhinehessen Riesling, White Burgundy, Chardonnay, Smederevka, Zupljanka, Chasselas, Rkatsiteli and Kreaca (indigenous to Vršac). The red grape sorts that are cultivated here are Blaufränkisch and Black Muscat and in 2018 there were planted new vines of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah.

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Airstreams of seven winds

Wind rose

Vršac vineyards are enriched by unique wind rose which models the climates and by that makes a huge impact on the characteristics of both wine and grape. Airstreams form seven winds which blow from different directions 271 days in a year.