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Drašković winery was built on the foundations of the decades long glory of once the greatest winery in ex-Yugoslavia – Vršački vinogradi. Based on a decades long production, we have started a new era of Vršac vineyards winegrowing.

By purchasing Vršački vinogradi in 2017 “Swisslion” d.o.o. became the owner of one of the greatest and most famous wine areas in the region. The decision of the business system is to implement long-term investment plan which includes investing into all segments of grapes and wine production, starting from vineyards and construction of a new winery facility to reconstruction of the facility built in 19th century for the purpose of wine tourism. By foundation of the Drašković winery there was set a clear goal to completely renew Vršac vineyards and restore the glory to the wines of the area.  

Apart from preserving and improving the brand which used to make Vršački vinogradi recognized regionwide – Banatski rizling (Banat Riesling), our business policy is also based on moving towards high quality and premium wines. We wish to preserve the tradition of business operation and viticulture of Vršac and direct it towards contemporary trends in wine making.

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“Quality has never been a matter of coincidence; it is the result of high aims, honest perseverance, intelligent direction and skillful implementation; Quality means a wise choice among many possibilities. “

William Adelbert Foster
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Vršački vinogradi

”Vršački vinogradi” relates its beginnings to the year of 1944 when there was founded the Administration of peoples’ vineyards. Since the end of World War II, this company has had several names and several organizational changes starting from Federal agricultural property to Shareholding company “Sonja Marinkovic in 1998. 

The company “Swisslion d.o.o. signed in 2017 Sales agreement on purchase of “Vršački vinogradi” thus saving it from bankruptcy, and by which this company became the owner of 100% of the capital of the previous company. It was then that a long-term project of renewal of Vršac vineyards started.

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Winery Drašković

At the foot of Vršac hill, among the vineyards, in 2017 there was constructed a winery of 8000m². The winery is equipped by top-of-the-line technology for grape processing and wine production and its current capacity is 5.6 million litres. We assume liability to produce recognizable wines from Vršac vineyards with refined note and special taste helped by the modern approach which leans on the tradition of the previous centuries. 

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