Vinarija Draskovic
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This line represents the essence of Vršac terroir. It is our wish to represent authenticity borne by old groves, local clones and sorts indigenous to Vršac vineyards by this line.

Vinarija Draskovic

Pinot Blanc0.75l

We have separated the so-called Gudurica’s clone of this sort from the pinot blanc groves which are well suited to the area of Vršac vineyards and planted it along the groves. From the Hervis stretch we get grapes with a full potential for distinctly complex and structural wines.


Dry white wine

Sort composition

100% Pinot Blanc (White Burgundy)

Sensory evaluation

Complex taste in which there could be distinguished touch of acacia buds, clover honey, dry fruits, nutmeg, and bread crust. It is elegant to the palate, creamy and impressive.

Alcohol content 13%vol
Best served at 9-11 °C

Gentle pressing of cool crushed fruit, static sedimentation of 48h, fermentation at controlled temperature (16-18°C).


On a fine sediment for 9 months in stainless steel tanks.


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