Vinarija Draskovic
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It was made more than 50 years ago. Nowadays, we continue the production of this legendary wine but with modern technology and significantly improved quality.

Vinarija Draskovic

Banat Riesling

Banat Riesling is one of the legendary wines of former Yugoslavia and the symbol of “Vršac vineyards”

The largest production was recorded in 1982 and it amounted to 22 million liters. You can enjoy Banat Riesling by drinking it pure, but you certainly won’t make a mistake if you decide to drink it as it used to be drunk – combined with soda water in the form of a “schpritzer”.


Dry white wine

Sort composition

Italian Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Kreaca, Shasla, Smederevka, Zupljanka and Rkaciteli.

Sensory evaluation

Wine with delicate fruit aromas with mineral tones. Balanced acids and fresh citrus finishes are felt on the palate.

Alcohol content

12% vol

Best served at 8-10 °C
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